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About Aster Sick Kids Foundation

Tens of thousands of children suffer from life – threatening diseases and yet have no hope of recovery/survival, as their families cannot afford expensive treatment.
Aster Sick Kids Foundation(ASK Foundation), a charitable arm/unit of Aster DM Foundation , Kochi, India strives to provide every child with world class health care regardless of their financial background. We meet expenses of life saving treatment to needy children under 18 years, hailing from under privileged families. A child in need of quaternary medical care leads the family to huge financial burden; prolonged illness could completely wipe out whole savings and even assets. At times, helpless parents are forced to even give up their jobs to take care of their little ones.
Advanced life support, cancer care, transplants and neonatal intensive care prove prohibitively expensive to most. Many deserving children are denied advanced medical care simply due to financial constraints. ASK foundation tries to bridge this gap and offer the best of medical care even to the poor. It’s a sincere attempt to save poor children who have lost all hope to serious illness and bring them back to a promising life, which they richly and truly deserve.

About Aster DM Foundation

The Foundation was established and endowed as non-profitable charity and philanthropic organization by Dr. Azad Moopen. The Foundation has introduced many initiatives to make community members maximize their potential so that they become productive and responsible citizens..
Main Object of the Foundation is to to provide and promote healthcare support and medical relief service without profit motive to people of the economically weaker section of the community .Keeping this in mind, the trust has been helping the poor sick people by meeting their medical expenses by way of free / subsidized treatment at Aster’s network of hospitals and other hospitals. We also have a special care centre , named Aster Sick Kids Foundation (ASK) for children who needs special attention.

Mission Statement

The foundation supports programs that address underserved and marginalized populations,and programs that advance social justice, women and youth empowerment, human health consciousness, and the environment.